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Noah Jett Fitzpatrick

"I'm not an addict... maybe that's a lie."

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Name:Noah Jett Fitzaptrick
Birthdate:Feb 21
Location:New York, United States of America
Website::: dreamlikenewyork ::

Noah Jett Cameron was was born in Montgomery County in Mississippi and lived there his whole life until he departed shortly after his 18th birthday. He is one of four children, the second youngest and the only boy. The family was always very religious with Protestant background, and Noah used to hold his faith in high regard. Most of his life was pretty cookie-cutter and wholesome, raised to respect their faith at all turns and sinning was a big no-no. His father was the Principal of the local high school and his mother was a housewife who taught music to young children after school hours. Noah was taught to play the piano and guitar from a child and whilst he ditched piano in favour of football in high school, he kept up his hobby of playing guitar and singing, which he honed being part of the church choir. He made Quarterback of the high school football team, and up until around his junior year, life was average and monotonous at best. Not knowing anything but, however, he just accepted it for what it was, obediently going through the motions and destined for Yale, a tradition for Cameron males of their family, and thought he would end up becoming a teacher like his father because it was expected of him, though he secretly harboured a yearning to become a make-up artist in film or TV.

Junior year was where things began to skew for him. He gave into peer pressure and started to use drugs in his junior year. At first, it was just pot along with booze and cigarettes. He found that as one of the most popular guys in school, it was easy to come by people willing to give the drugs out. He used to hang out with friends who would all smoke and drink, and then douse himself in Axe to mask the smell before going home to the family meals. Then at a party one night, he had ecstasy and it progressed to coke, and eventually crystal meth. He became more and more promiscuous, sleeping with both guys and girls, and as a result of desire to party, his grades began to drop in school and he was kicked off the football team after turning up to practice one day hungover. With his father as Principal, Noah had zero tolerance on any of his fuck-ups and found himself continuously grounded... not that it stopped him, when he would just sneak out anyway.

He began driving to the next biggest town to busk with his guitar and singing talents to get money to fuel his habits. In the bigger town, he had access to more drugs and his busking cash was zapped almost as quick as he collected it. Driving back one day, he was high and still had alcohol in his system from a party the night before. He crashed his car into another stationary vehicle when he momentarily blacked out at the wheel, and although he wasn't serious injured, he was arrest for driving under the influence and lost his license. As soon as his parents got wind of it, the shit hit the fan. And that wasn't the end of it. The next blow came when one of the school's cheerleaders announced that she was pregnant, and that Noah was the father. It was a blatant lie, because Noah had never slept with her. But she stuck with her story, saying they had sex when he was trashed, and it was all to protect her secret boyfriend, Noah's best friend, Joel. Despite his vehement protests that he wasn't the father, no one believed him. Being the religious town it was, the whole situation was frowned upon. Noah's parents were furious, and the father of the girl ended up beating him to a pulp for doing that to his daughter.

It was sitting in the ER, broken and bleeding, that Noah's parents disowned him. They told him not to come home, because he had no home there anymore. He was a drug-addicted disgrace and a blight on the family. All he took with him was his guitar and whatever he could fit into a bag he could carry with the injuries. He never finished school, and he hitch-hiked the whole way to New York, where he figured the biggest city in the world would be where he could at least find some help. It was lucky he wasn't murdered.

Now 17, he never really found the help he was hoping he would. He ended up homeless and living on the streets, busking to fund his drug addiction that he had no hope of kicking alone, and living on bare minimum of food. Sometimes, he had enough to get a room in a youth hostel, or others homeless shelters had space and a meal for him. On the bad nights, he sleeps in back alleys, or Central Park, the subway, or even on steps of empty buildings. He got a couple of cash-in-hand jobs stripping or waiting tables, but nothing ever stuck when he had no consistent place to stay. He hates his life, he hates being alone, and he hates the looks he gets from people like he's the scum of the earth. He doesn't know how to get out of the deep pile of shit he has ended up in, and he knows he can't go home. The only thing stopping him doing himself in is knowing his body would probably rot in a gutter somewhere and no one would bother to even give him a funeral. He's a survivor... so far. He just doesn't know how much longer he can keep it up for. And even though he knows that every hit he takes could be a bad cut and kill him, he can't kick it when it's the only thing that makes him feel alive.

Noah's tag @ +dreamlikenewyork is HERE

"It's not a habit, it's cool, I feel alive
If you don't have it you're on the other side
I'm not an addict (maybe that's a lie...)
It's over now, I'm cold, alone
I'm just a person on my own
Nothing means a thing to me"

- Not an Addict, K's Choice

Noah is an original character, created for the PSL, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork. For RP and muse writing only. No infringement intended. Noah's PB is William Moseley, who belongs to himself.

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